Ciao! Giuseppe here, the owner of Pepi’s. Believe it or not, my first ever job was working at a wedding reception at the tender age of fourteen, and although it’s been a long time between courses, my passion for making people happy on their special day still remains.

For me, life is about good, honest food and my humble Italian upbringing makes me nostalgic for the aroma of sweet tomatoes and basil simmering slowly for Sunday lunch with the famiglia. And that’s just it – Pepi’s is about bringing the most important people in your life together with good food and laughter on your special day. Not only this, but being able to do it with exceptional service, style and flexibility in mind, perfectly tailored to you.

Whether it’s our decadently styled ‘Grande Tavolo’ grazing tables, handmade Neapolitan pizza, pasta from our big 40kg cheese wheel, lemon granita cups or freshly piped cannoli – everything we do is about delivering the freshness of our high-quality ingredients LIVE in front of your guests eyes.

We are a team of passionate chefs, pizzaioli, stylists and friendly wait staff who would love nothing more than to be involved in your special day and make it as magical as it can be –a truly all-out Italian affair!