At Xavier Nicolle, we create and design weddings from the heart, through our chosen medium, the flower. During our first meeting, we delve into all the things that influence the way our couples envision the world. This helps us create a design concept that can only be truly encapsulated by each individual couple. There are a few questions but I assure you it will be a fun process. Hopefully, we will all be crying with joy on the wedding day.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create diverse floral designs. No design concept is out of bounds. Each wedding, whether big or small, leaves us feeling creatively satisfied and often has us hiding around the corner just to see the couple’s expression when they see it all come together. It is why we do what we do.

Our floral design is known for its vibrant colours and textures. A great way to begin the colour process is to open your wardrobe and see what you are both naturally drawn to. This often makes the choice of which colours to go with much easier and becomes a true reflection of you both in your day to day life. We also offer styling and planning alongside our floral design when our couples not only love flowers but all the finer details, making for a bigger overall impact.

If we sound like your kind of vibe, flick us through an inquiry and we can get chatting.