Journey Street Food is the love child of Channa and Ruby Senaratne, it grew out of our love of food and travel, as a family of foodies and chefs we have enjoyed cuisines from many different countries and cultures.

Our goal is to bring that knowledge and experience and work together with you to create a unique menu and a memorable experience for your guests. Every couple is different and every wedding is unique, so we don’t stick to any formula when we design your menu and service with you. We want your day to reflect you, your personalities, tastes and family.

Whether you choose a casual cocktail style menu featuring finger food from Asia to Mexico, a Mediterranean feast served family dinner style or festival style self serve meals, we have something that will suit you. We are happy to add dishes that are not on our menu, cater to specific dietary requirements and are super flexible with how you’d like the day to run.

The most important thing is that all of your guests go home with hearts and bellies full and delicious memories that linger long after the day is over.