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The Nook by Kate Disher-Quill

The Nook by Kate Disher-Quill

Hey! I’m Kate.

I fell in love with photography at a young age – mucking around in my dad’s darkroom when I witnessed a previously white piece of paper turn into a beautiful black and white photograph. The rest is history. Fifteen or so years later I’m still driven by the desire to make beautiful images which evoke emotion and make us feel something.

My style is relaxed and honest, with the ultimate goal of creating beautiful aesthetics that you love and that I am proud of; to capture all the moments, emotions and nuances of your day in an artistic and creative way. Part documentary, part fine art, lots of laughs, a few tears and a bloody great time!

When I’m not photographing love parties and weddings, I’m busy working on personal projects which often explore themes reflected in my community and the wider Australian society. I believe that my personal projects are essential in keeping me inspired and I approach my wedding work with the same creative spirit.

I consider myself pretty damn lucky that I have fallen into a profession which allows me to be creative with my art, keeps me inspired and gives me the honour of capturing memories which will be treasured for a lifetime!

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