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Tennille Fink Photographer

Tennille Fink Photographer

Hello, I’m Tennille. Photographer, mum, wife, Harry Potter nerd, plant obsessed, neat freak, lover of shiny things and highland cows. I am an observer of light (forever pulling over to pop my daughter in beautiful pockets of sunshine), human behaviours (people watching is one of my favourite things), and the world around me.

When it comes to weddings, my approach is quiet and discreet. I am not your typical ‘old school’ wedding photographer, my chill factor is always high and not much worries me. I quietly observe your day, keeping my eyes peeled for those glorious moments of realness as they happen, not getting in the way but always there to pin a buttonhole or whisper something silly to calm the nerves, otherwise I am very hands off. Apart from sometimes asking you to place yourself in a spot that has nicer light, I don’t really direct too much and I will photograph your day as it unfolds.

I am a romantic at heart, a lover of the untraditional and a big fan of you doing things your way….. whether your romance is a whirlwind or you are making it official after spending a lifetime together, I am a sucker for a love story. You can be getting hitched in your own backyard or on a mountain top, I document all weddings with the same amount of love and enthusiasm.

I’m available to travel just about anywhere you’ll take me, so If you’d like to chat more about having me involved in your day, let’s chat!

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