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Lightwise Cinematography

Lightwise Cinematography

Hear the “clink” of the whisky given by the best man.
See the nervous pop of champagne before the dress is worn.
Remember the nervous fidgeting while waiting for your love.
Feel the deep breath, staring at your fiancé for the last time.
Laugh at the adorable mistakes in your vows.
Watch how the sky falls with roses as we depart combined.
Feel your father’s strength as he embraces you. Notice how the sun reveals the tears in his eyes.
Remember how grandma’s wrinkles deepened as her smile widened.
Smile at our nervous shuffle to our favourite song.
Feel our eyes closing while we forget where we were.
See how the wind touched your hair and we retreated in each other.
See the laughter and pride as two tribes combine.
Hear how they applauded our arrival.
Feel how the hall was bursting, how the bread was broken, and how the wine was spilled.
Watch as we laughed and danced and danced more as our family tree crossed limbs.

Too few breaths make these moments, and too few moments like this make a lifetime.
This is your vision. Your years of planning. Your dreams, and your memories.

This is your story of love.

Written and directed by you.
Captured by us.

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