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Peggy Saas

Peggy Saas

“PEGGY! Word for word: f*ck these photos are unreal. You have blown us away and everyone has commented on how easy you were to work with. LOVE LOVE LOVE AHHH THANK YOU
Teegs and James xxx”

I am for the fearless lovers, those who dare to be different.

I am obsessed with unscripted storytelling. I’m especially fond of meeting new people and have immense respect for those who appreciate photography as an art form. Trusting me with my vision is super important to me.

I like to think I go fairly unnoticed at weddings, unobtrusively melding into the background taking photos of all the people who are dear to you. That is until I am found bumping around on the dance floor not afraid to get amongst it. I have been told I am super calm, easy-going, and quite frankly, fun to have around (from 100% of feedback). Intimate moments obsessed, I find myself tearing up at least once per wedding (definitely more, let’s be serious). I am by definition, a hopeless romantic.

When I am not photographing lovers I am eating, always eating. I have been known to make dinner plans with my couples and I strongly encourage them to embrace me into their family post-wedding so I won’t get sad when their wedding day is over.

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