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John Kurt

John Kurt

There’s a special connection that happens whenever I film a wedding. I often find myself shedding a little tear or laughing uncontrollably. As cliché as it sounds; I think it’s an honour that I get the opportunity to be a part of such an important day.

I’m not about awkward poses, I’m about authentic human connection. You do you; I’ll just make sure I’m there to capture it.

In a few years’ time when you watch your wedding film you should be ugly-happy crying one minute and laughing your ass off the next. If by watching your wedding film you can feel the emotions and nostalgia of your wedding day for years to come; I have done my job.

Your wedding day is so much more than just a montage of video clips set to music. It’s your Grandma letting loose on the dance-floor; your friends and family having the time of their lives! I take great pride in being there for those moments. The moments that you might be too busy to witness and the ones that you are there for but want to relive over and over.

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