I’ve been drawn to art, light and expression for as long I can remember.

As a little girl, I was always out in the garden, paintbrush in hand, a blonde fringe tumbling over my face. Growing up and throughout my adolescence, my parents took me with them on their travels and I often found myself studying light, people and connections. As my sense of self developed, I became inspired by the effortless style in the places I visited and would swoon at the subtle interactions between people I saw.

Now, I find myself romanticising reality, simplicity, and intimacy. I’ve learned that beauty exists in honesty, connections are safest when uninterrupted and my couples trust me to tell their story truthfully and beautifully.

I love photographing weddings because the emotions pouring out of them are honest and heartfelt. I adore seeing two people completely wrapped up in a moment and pride myself on capturing the small but significant exchanges that would otherwise go unseen. An eye for detail draws my gaze towards intimate human connection: the way hands fall together, fleeting glances across the room and vulnerability in all forms.

Over the past 10 years of being a wedding photographer, I have developed my signature style to be artfully romantic, editorial and poetically timeless. With gentle guidance and unwavering warmth, you can trust that my photographs will be a true representation of you and your unique connection.