Hey there, thanks for dropping by. Weddings are my thing and delivering, fun, authentic and personalized ceremonies is what I do best. Im a marriage celebrant! – Yep, but not your average script reader. I take the time to ask and listen, to dig and discover, to ultimately create and deliver an experience that will last with you forever. The words and language I use are carefully chosen to match you and your style which creates a vibe and evokes emotion and makes memories that last forever.

Your ceremony needs to sound and feel like you. The delivery of your love story is crucial for setting the tone of your special day so when you hire me, you don’t just hire a guy who smiles a lot and wears a nice suit, but rather an experience that starts from the first phone call. Think of me as someone who will keep you cool and your nerves at bay during those times when the butterflies are flying high, an experienced marriage celebrant who knows how to keep you grounded and true to yourself as you plan, dream and design your Best Day Ever.

I love the connection and energy that ceremonies hold and my calm, cool and down to earth approach allows me to engage with your guests as they too immerse themselves in a moment, a memory and a ceremony that will last forever and make you feel like it truly is your best day ever.