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Justin Aaron Photography

Justin Aaron Photography

Hi, I’m Justin. I am a wedding photographer, fortunate to travel to amazing places all over Australia and internationally documenting honest moments and what it feels like to be there since 2011. I am an architecture fanatic, early 20th Century modernism gets me pretty darn excited, a self confessed minimalist, a cycling fanatic and a music lover – from Charlie Parker to Sonic Youth and believe it comes alive on vinyl.

I am passionate about capturing moments unique to you as a couple, allowing you to recognise yourself in the moment, whilst drawing from each scene a classic elegance. I want my images to artfully capture what it felt like to be there on your wedding day, not to recreate the experience, but continue it. I want you to experience that same feeling and to invite the friends and family who could not be present, or were not yet born, into the moment, into that setting, and have them celebrate along with you.

I am drawn to things that are of fine quality, are timeless, honest, classic, those things that have that unexplainable “wabi-sabi” about them. It is these same qualities I aim to bring to my photography. If my style floats your boat, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

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