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Goldbear Wedding Films

Goldbear Wedding Films

We are mates, have been forever. We’ve been putting our hand to creative projects for as long as we can remember, everything from painting murals & making websites to playing in bands (Mike did a 4 week tour at 16, getting snuck in the back door of venues to play).

When we found ourselves filming weddings for friends something clicked, and a long way down the track here we are… the Bear has roamed and hasn’t looked back! Shooting weddings is great, the good vibes flow & it’s awesome meeting new faces making friends.. also spending such a huge moment with said friends.

We shoot loose and relaxed, we find we can tell the best story and capture the great moments this way. Weddings are joyous and we try to capture that joy on film. Cheesy wedding videos are just no good.. so we take a filmic approach, looking for authentic moments of colour, tone, zaniness and real personality. If you’re looking for a creative telling of your day…GOLDBEAR is the bear for you.

Hey congratulations, If you’ve read this far you’re committed to this wedding thing.. and thinking video, brilliant! We’re keen to hear about your day so check out our films and get in touch if you’d like a chat.

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