Your friendly neighbourhood hair whisperer.

Coming from a family of fine artists, my approach to hair is rooted in the principles of art and design.
Balance! Form! Texture! Contrast! Who knew you were walking around with an artwork perched on top of your head this whole time?

I care a lot about environmental sustainability and quality, so wherever possible I use high-end, ethically-sourced brands like Kevin Murphy and Oribe.

If you live outside of Canberra, have no fear, I do travel – I regularly service the Southern Highlands, Southern Tablelands and abroad.

My journey started over a decade ago as a beauty therapist with a part-time addiction to making people look stunning for their special event or wedding.

That addiction lead me to the world of fashion and advertising. A zillion runway shows and photo shoots later (give or take), I set my roots in bridal hair styling. The rest, as they say, is hair history.

Want to go on a beautiful hair adventure with me? I’d love to hear from you.