Hello and Welcome! I am glad that you have found me here on Hello May, because that gives me a little insight into who YOU are. Let me guess… You have great taste and eclectic style and you are looking for a photographer who speaks the same language as you, right? Well hey, the same goes for me too.

I am also looking for couples who I can connect with. I invest a hell of a lot of time, energy and love into your wedding day and it is that authentic connection that inspires me to keep pouring my soul into my work. And that is important. The other side of the coin that keeps me stimulated, is my love of art.

I got into this business because I saw it as an opportunity to make a career from my art, and that is just what I am doing (and that makes me a happy man). Mixing my aesthetic sensibilities with my unobtrusive, laid back nature, I capture your day as I see it – through the lens of a big hearted guy with an appetite for beauty.