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The experience and process of documenting a wedding is as important as the imagery created. Images looked back upon need an array of buoyant feelings and memories attached to them. My approach? What a killer question. A balance of low-key frivolity, endearment and backseat breeze nurtured with a gentle nod to tradition and the sanctity of marriage, in all its glorious diversity.

I fixate and obsess over different things from wedding to wedding. I encourage you to do you and I do my darn best to extract and document just that. It’s about the way you move, the words you use, your natural style, how you hold yourself; the tilt of a chin, the flick of that shifty eyebrow. It’s the small things you savour, the daily grind that makes you two, you. It’s the real-time reaction to something, let’s call it honest emotion perhaps? It’s stripped back and simplified. It’s revelling in the real, what actually makes you, you and why your person loves you so. It’s where the magic’s nestled, where you and your lover can SHINE FORTH.

As a country girl turned Perth anchored city slicker, I embody the cultural milieus of Bloodstones and good pinot. I am a fierce believer that curiosity can create better relationships and genuine regard can be applied to any experience . With clients based locally, nationally and peppered around the world, an open mind and the simple pleasures in life keep my head and heart aligned.

Hannah xo

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