An ode to real-life love.

I’m a (serious) sucker for love. I love its messy nature, its sun-drenched soul and its ability to bring out the best in people. Love is like a chameleon. Ever-changing colours, never boring, often challenging. It goes through seasons and, with the risk of sounding like a John Mayer song, changes life as we’ve grown to know it. Yours is something special. It’s fireworks and rain, stormy weather and sunshine all the same. But you don’t need me to tell you that. You need me to capture that. And that I wholeheartedly will.

The photos you’ve seen are a result of what’s been shared with me. It’s a two way street of people lending me their trust and allowing me to lift the curtains of their hearts. I don’t capture love as it should be. I capture love as it is, in all its beauty and imperfection. Your love is precious, but not in a creepy Gollum kind of way. It’s golden and deserves to be documented with a curious lens and an open heart. Expect me to guide you into moments that feel familiar, never (ever) forced. With me, there’s no standard formula, no magic tricks, no awkward poses, no right or wrong. Just pure, soul-nurturing, heart-warming love.

Your love belongs to you, no one else. I’m just there to capture lifelong reminders of that. Great pictures do so much more than just look pretty on paper.