Hey hey! I’m Jess.

A modern romantic who loves to hype you up! You’ll feel comfortable, relaxed and like you’ve gained an extra friend (albeit a bit of a creepy one that sneaks around taking your photograph all day).

On your wedding day, I’m going to be there cheering you on. I’m a relaxed and easy-going person and my work reflects that. I’m not going to make you pose awkwardly, I’m going to chat to you, laugh with you (I know some killer dad jokes!), gently prompt you and make sure you have a fun and stress-free day.

Most of the photographs I take will be unposed, with a more journalistic approach. I’ll be hiding in the shadows catching those sneaky hugs from Grandpa, the belly laughs and the little looks you sneak one another.

From the day you first contact me to the day you receive your photographs, you matter to me. I limit the number of weddings I take on each year so that each couple can be given my full and complete attention. You will never be just a client to me, I’m all in for making sure you have the best experience and making sure you receive beautiful memories you can hold for years to come.