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Miranda Stokkel

Miranda Stokkel

Hi! I’m Miranda and I’m absolutely stoked to do what I do! Pinching myself on-the-regular!

My photography style is relaxed, candid and joyful with nothing forced or awkies.
Somewhere between documentary and not, I spot a good time and I capture it in the moment.
I love the moments in between, atmospheric shots and belly laughs during speeches. I like things and people that are a little bit different.
I love to photograph laid back couples and their besties having nothing but a good time, snapping portraits while cruising down urban backstreets or popping into that cool new pub for a pit stop thats a little bit diff and wonderful. I want you to have the best photos possible AND the best time taking them too.

I truly do what I love and I truly love what I do.
Hopefully I’ll get to work with you!

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