G’day Folks!

Thanks for stopping by my page on the old Hello May’s directory! I guess I’m here to do something that I’m not so keen on, and thats talk a bit about myself. Born in Canada and nurtured from birth on maple syrup and Tim Hortons, I was raised as a lumberjack and spent my youth chopping wood and mending flannels. When my beard was fully grown I was set loose to venture forth into the world.

I ended up in Queensland where I was drawn in by the extreme heat and constant sweating. Kept at ease by the soothing sounds of John Williamson and daily trips to Bunnings for some snags and a chin wag. Bloody oath fair dinkum, are you taking the piss m8? Struth.

Back to the important stuff though! And that’s you, let’s talk about you ( you beauty! ). What are your plans for one of the happiest biggest days of your life? I’ll be there to capture it all and we’ll do it your way. Let’s have a laugh ( let’s have a few tears ) and let’s enjoy the moment.

Anyways before I embarrass myself further I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking, get in touch with any and all questions you have.

I’m happy to travel wherever the weddings take me be it Canada, New Zealand, Wagga Wagga or right here at home on the Sunshine Coast 🙂