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Gold and Grit Photography

Gold and Grit Photography

Wedding photography for the wild and the wickedly in love. For the couples who want a loved up celebration that is just theirs, regardless of what tradition says. For all the sequinned brides, dancing grooms and non-binary confetti throwers out there. And for all the excited puppies that have no idea what’s going on, but are stoked about getting lots of pats.

I’m Stina, a Swede that moved to Melbourne because I thought it was tropical. Someone should have given me a heads up, but lucky for me, I love it here. Almost as much as I love weddings.

On your wedding day, I’m there to capture all of the good stuff. The sweet moments, to jelly shots and killer dance moves, plus anything in between. I won’t ever make you kiss or smile on command or stage moments. It’s all candid, but I’m no fly on the wall. Instead, I’m like a bonus friend of the day. Someone who can help you button up dresses or shirts (or sew, that’s happened too), calm anxious nerves and make sure you run on time. Someone who will absolutely hit the dance floor right next to you (while taking photos of it).

I’m a wedding photographer for people who aren’t planning a “perfect” event (because spoiler alert: there is no such thing). Where it’s all about simply doing something that is you, whether that’s a small barefoot elopement, a 150 people festival in a field, or anything in between. When your focus is on the people, the feels and the moments. And above all: all the bloody fun there is to be had.

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