Grew & Co

Hello, we are Simon and Gabrielle of Grew & Co. We are custom fine jewellery designers and makers of masterfully crafted goods which we produce in our studio in Sydney. We specialise in custom bespoke pieces for both weddings and engagements but we also design and make fine jewellery for other achievements and milestones, such as graduations and birthdays. Having started our family business in 2006 we combined our passion, knowledge and expertise along with our teams skills, sharing over 20 years of industry experience to craft and create beautifully made jewellery pieces to select clientele.

We devote an immense amount of time and attention to each phase of the design process. We offer suggestions regarding various techniques, inspiration and functionality and always source the highest quality materials and gemstones that will compliment and enhance the design concept. Where applicable we provide detailed 3D illustrations of the proposed design combining actual proportions of intended gemstones, your finger size and the designs structural elements, so there's no real guesswork.

By working with you during the design process it makes the experience more collaborative, and although you don’t see the sweat and tears behind each piece we guarantee we’ll be obsessing and scrutinising the finest of details. We believe great communication is integral to expressing our ideas and making sure they are well received and we strongly feel that this is what makes our service and experience at Grew & Co so highly sought after.

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