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Nicola Lemmon Photography

Nicola Lemmon Photography


My name is Nicola or some call me Lemmon. Although I’m definitely sweet not sour… but I actually prefer salty… like hot chips or popcorn. Have you ever tried popcorn with maltesers? So good… Yumm. Ok, distracted. Where were we? Oh yeah photography + weddings. I’m just excited because something has caught your eye to have a little squiz at my work and I’m honoured. Mostly because I love the opportunity to share quality experiences with good people. I thrive on it all – the photography, the people, the happy, the love. As soon as you become my client, you become my mate.

I guess my style can be described as fun, intimate and candid – although it’s usually pretty tailored to you both as a couple, what your personalities are like and what’s important to you. Have a look through my website and you’ll get the vibe. I just want us all to have a rad time and I’m keen as a bean to make the photoshoot the relaxing (smoochy) part of the day!

Other than that I’m super friendly, kinda dorky, I approach the world with a joyful curiosity, I’ve got a full bank of top quality dad jokes and I love shooting on overcast days (but hopefully you’ll also see me lose my shit over an incredible sunset).

Anyway… let’s save the rest over a vino. I’m just going to be over here waiting on the edge of my seat for your message.

Big Lemmon squeeze,



Why did the DJ get kicked out of the veggie hospital?
Answer: will tell you over email 😉

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