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Goldlight Photography

Goldlight Photography

I’m Alexis:

Ex-New Yorker.
Curator of house plants.
Sunny dispositioned ambivert.
Thai food enthusiast.
Photo maker, polaroid shaker.

If you have a vision for your day that’s colourful, adventurous, a little off-beat, but most of all filled with laughter and fun- then swipe right because it’s a match!

I adore documenting uncontrollable giggles, the stolen kiss, that cheeky grin. No one adores stiff posing, hungry bellies, or forced smiles. Which is why I work using little prompts and my own brand of silliness to help you feel at ease in front of the lens, allowing your unique personalities to shine!

Basically, I want you to feel just as relaxed as when you’re snuggled up on the couch at home being loveable weirdos together. During the planning process I offer guidance to ensure you end up with a timeline that aligns with what matters most to you. I’m also known to carry emergency snacks.

Quality > Quantity. Call it sentimental, but I’m extremely passionate about my work and emotionally invested in my clients. I want your wedding to be the best day ever and to deliver the best experience possible. To keep this sustainable, I cap my wedding bookings at 26 per year to ensure that each wedding receives the care and attention it deserves. (And to be able to spend time with my own loveable weirdo).

To get your date on the books, shoot me an email telling me a little about your day and which TV couple you and your partner are most like.

Let’s preserve something beautiful.

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