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Freek Florals

Freek Florals

Here at Freek Florals, our job is to create the obscure, to push boundaries and tap into the unique, weird and wonderful materials of nature and any other mediums we can get our crazy creative hands-on!

HOLA! It’s me, Eden, and I am the creative mind behind these freaky floral creations, nice to online meet you. My job is to transform flowers and other mediums to give them new meanings, new life and most importantly reflect YOU and your story.

Things to know about me and my work before you hit send on an enquiry: I am not your average florist (soz guys) my mind is way too crazy to be contained to the “rules” of floristry. My work can go from very moody and dark to very bright and alternative (a bit like me!). I will challenge you to think outside the box (there is NO checklist in my mind when it comes to “wedding flowers”). I want you to TRUST me!

I am for the lovers who DARE to be different. I want you to throw that damn rule book out the window, make new traditions that are reflective of you…. HECK, make me work with a Harry Potter theme or a wild Alice In Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole idea, the more challenging the idea, THE BETTER! I want to embrace your unique magic and tell people who you are and what you are all about.

Finally, all my creations are pieces of art, they come from my heart and my mind, they are pieces of me in floral form. So, let’s get “freeky”…. (bad dad joke intended, sorry not sorry)!

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