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Alexandra Cohen

Alexandra Cohen

Bonjour Lovers,
( insert strong French accent )

I left home sweet Paris 9 years ago eager to see the world since then my journey has been a beautiful rollercoaster. I lived and travelled all around Australia + the world. Followed love and lived in Hong Kong for 2 years, then went back to Australia to pursue my dream job.

I am a mad hatter and you will rarely see me without a hat on!

I am a complete romantic ( I am French after all !) and this is one of the ( many ) reasons I love photographing weddings.

Everything I do, I pour my whole being wholehearted. On your big day, I am more than just the photographer that shows up and leave when the job is done.

I am here to make a real connection with you guys & capture YOU as you are on the day.

My photography is a representation of me… honest, bold and raw. Emotive, romantic real and without pretence.

A wedding day is a collection of moments. And the way I see it, I’m there to capture those moments, both big and small, to tell a story. Your story. Those moments of beauty that often go unseen; your crazy dance moves, the laughter, the tears, the real honest moments of life.

Seeing these authentic moments captured in time is what inspires me and is treasured by my clients.

I believe photography should be a reflection of a moment in time. It should take you to that moment with all the raw emotion and sensation of the day.

Can’t wait to hear from you,

Much love.

Alex xo

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