Raised in the natural, raw setting of the Blue Mountains, Missy grew up with a holistic and alternative lifestyle. It was in her early teenage years she discovered a passion for hair. It was not just the hair itself, but the correlation with the confidence and self love it could evoke from her clients that really gave Missy career satisfaction.

With an international portfolio of weddings, leading hairstylist Missy specialises in everything from classics, to boho and modern creations working hard to master each individual’s dream wedding look.

For Missy, it is not just about the day, but creating an effortless lead-up. Regardless of whether it is an international, interstate or Sydney-based wedding, she will work alongside her brides with constant communication, inspiration and a dedicated trial to ensure their visions match and the ultimate result is achieved!

Missy also works limited days in her salon pampering her loyal clientele. Working on the floor allows her to maintain her bread and butter skillset whilst experimenting with cutting-edge trends, styles and ELEVEN products & Showpony Hair Extensions. Not only does this time in salon keep Missy grounded but provides her with immense satisfaction as she spoils and builds the confidence of her beautiful clients. The time and precision put into the personalised experience Missy offers means that she currently is at client capacity for her in-salon appointments.