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Clementine Posy

Clementine Posy

Luxe, lush, romantic and whimsical is our game, and Clementine Posy is our name: flower warriors, on a mission to help make the world beautiful, one wedding and event at a time!

We want to know every detail.. from the cake to photographer to how you guys met, and we are also all about the detail when it comes to flowers! From lush bridal bouquets to installations that take your breath away, replication is not our vibe, every wedding is different and we take total pride in making sure your blooms are completely custom to you and what you guys envision for the big day. We want every bloom to be perfect, every ribbon to match, the tables to look like heaven and you to be the talk of the town with the most beautiful wedding ever.

We know that every wedding is unique so our dedicated wedding team will create a custom quote for each bride to ensure it fits all your wedding needs and floral dreams (we might also make suggestions and ask questions, like, can you match your lippy to your blooms? Can we make your doggo a flower garland? Can we have some wedding cake samples?).

The magic happens at our Bridal Studio and Shop, a slice of flower filled, neon pink lit paradise, the CP shop in our hometown of Camden is where all the magic happens. Often a mess, never empty and always total organised chaos. We will go anywhere, from Sydney to the South Coast to the Whitsundays, and anywhere in between- nothing stands in between us and good old flowering!

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