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Tobi Tobi

Based in: Melbourne

Romance makers, vibe creators, we love playing music for lovers all around the world!

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Tillee Music

Based in: Sydney

Tillee Music are fresh, modern and dynamic high end duos bringing enthusiasm, energy an...

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Ben Fox Band

Based in: Sydney

The soundtrack to your wedding day needs to be perfect.

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Fe Aragones

Based in: Byron Bay & The North Coast

Smooth and soulful, as I combine the acoustic indie-folk sounds of the Australian coast...

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The White Tree

Based in: Sydney, Based in: Melbourne, Based in: Brisbane, Based in: Hobart, Based in: Adelaide City, Based in: Perth

We provide genuinely cool live music, photography and film concepts - under the one cre...

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Based in: Perth

We improvise, we react with the crowd, and we are totally in on whatever experience yo...

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The Vintage Stylus

Based in: South Coast

The Vintage Stylus are a hip vinyl DJ collective that specialise in bringing the good t...

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Baker Boys Band

Based in: Sydney, Based in: Melbourne

We are a premium, customisable 3-14 piece band specialising in high-energy music for fe...

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