Why me? An incredible aesthetic, hassle-free approach, and gift for documenting what makes you shine.

In a sea of wedding photographers, I want to be the one you trust to really nail it. Here’s what I think you’ll love most about us working together.

Firstly, what’s the point of having a photographer who doesn’t make you feel 100% comfortable? I’m warm, friendly, grounded and humble, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ll get along perfectly. I listen, I observe, and I love taking the time to understand you as people. I want to capture the real versions of the two of you, not a forced fake smile or awkward pose. You be yourselves and let me capture the magic.

Years in the making, my aesthetic is inspired by vintage analogue film, movement-filled classic street photography and infused with beautiful symmetry, like something you would find in a Wes Anderson film. I notice the details, the angles, every intricate moment of your perfectly imperfect wedding day.

My warmth, meticulous eye for design and knack for people-watching, speaks a unique visual language that freezes that sweet, momentary sense of how it felt. Maybe it will rain. Your dress might get a little dirty. Perhaps the cake cutting doesn’t quite go to plan. All of these things are, of course, exactly what make us human. I turn these happy accidents into beautiful chapters in the story of your day.

Are you ready? Let’s get the conversation going!