I’m Michaela, the photographer of AM for Love Studio.

I love, Love and that is why I have made it my business to capture it.

To me, being at a wedding is like watching your favourite rom-com for the first time, and I love a good romcom, so I still can’t believe that I get to call it my job. Big or small, grand or modest, I document all weddings with the same amount of passion. I’m there to capture the magic moments, the in-between ones. The tiny details that consumed your life for months leading up to the big day. The candid photo of you and your grandma that you will cherish forever. The glistening eyes of the love of your life looking into yours like no one else is watching.

I’ll be there like a ninja, as I navigate around your aunty with the iPad to capture your love story and the love that surrounds you.
Crying behind the lens, your best friend that you didn’t know you invited but so glad you hired.

Let’s talk more! I can’t wait to hear all about your love, and if I am lucky capture your day, and curate the details into a precious box for you to treasure.