One thing we hear quite a bit here at HM, from our real brides and grooms, is that wedding entertainment can make or break a night. The ceremony is sweet and all but the d-floor is where the real magic happens. When Aunt Pamela starts cutting rad shapes alongside Cousin Neil – these moments are the real memory makers.

To help you along with this crucial part of wedding planning, we have rounded up ten of our favourite entertainers in the biz. Whatever you are after, someone in this lush list is bound to have it. Mariachi band? Give Melbourne Entertainment Company a holler. DJ’s who spin vinyl? The Vintage Stylus is here for ya. Into folky South American rhythms? Drop a line Fernando Aragones’ way.

We have acoustic duo’s from Tillee Music, an epic 14-piece ensemble from Baker Boys Band and one heck of a cruisey couple from Tobi Tobi.

As for locations, well, most of these guys are keen to hit the road! Still, we have included bands based all over Aus from Ben Fox Band of NSW through to the extensive network of The White Tree Band that has musicians scattered all over Australia and New Zealand.

Scroll down for details and some handy links to samples and good times…

The White Tree Band
The White Tree Band consists of a bunch of cool humans allergic to cheesy wedding entertainment and passionate about jam-packed, sweaty d-floors. A single weekend can see these guys belting out some of Tay Tay’s finest bangers followed by oodles of funk and soul, full brass section included. Booking these guys for your big day will be one of your best decisions. Click here to explore their setlists and sample their tunes and here to peep real weddings in which they have played a part.
Servicing: NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD & NZ

Fernando Aragones
Fernando wants in on your big day and let us tell you why. This cruisey dude is passionate about providing the perfect soundtrack. He really, truly digs love and would like to serenade you and your guests alike by combining indie tunes, solid South American rhythms and folksy vibes. He is an experienced drummer and percussionist but also dabbles with dub sounds, delay pedals and loop stations to ensure your wedding day is as dynamic as possible. Pop on over here to catch some of Fernando’s sweet sounds and here to get in touch.
Servicing: NSW & QLD

Eclipse Perth
One day a bunch of highly trained musicians got together and decided they’d like to use their super skills to ensure couples all over Perth were making memories. Their name is Eclipse Perth guys and they really know their stuff. Opt for an acoustic duo, acoustic trio or full party band, whatever suits your vibe. These talented folk are also improvisation geniuses and are keen to learn any song you throw at them. What’s not to love?! Pop on over here for some sweet samples.
Servicing: WA

The Baker Boys Band
The Baker Boys Band offer the ultimate bespoke experience when it comes to tunes. They operate as a fully customisable 3-14 piece band so you can select the instrumental vibe you are going for and these legends will do the rest. They cover all manner of tunes from Top 40 bangers through to classical and jazz sets. You can even indulge in a sneaky little try before you buy sesh via one of the band’s many Australia wide showcases, details of which you can find here. Keen to keep your d-floor jam-packed, these guys travel worldwide. Get in contact here.
Servicing: NSW, VIC

Tobi Tobi
If you’d like to serenade the heck out of your lovely guest’s eardrums then booking Tobi Tobi is a must. Tobi Tobi is made up of Jamie on bass and Renee on acoustic guitar and vocals. Together these two create some pretty sweet tunes. You can find a whole bunch of cruisey covers on their website as well as some equally lush original tracks. These guys will learn your fave songs and deliver wholesome, friendly vibes all-round. Available worldwide so drop them a line here.
Servicing: VIC

The Vintage Stylus
Music-loving friends, prepare yourselves. The Vintage Stylus is a super groovy DJ collective seeking to shake things up in the wedding industry. They are the lucky custodians of a mammoth collection of vinyl records and current classics which they are more than keen to spin on your big day. Whether you fancy bopping to 50s and 60s classics or prefer the synth goodness of Daft Punk, The Vintage Stylus will undoubtedly deliver. The icing on the cake? Groovy vintage styling is included. If you’d like to see the kind of shenanigans that happen on a The Vintage Stylus d-floor than click here for pics from Grace and Matt’s wedding. Proof that these guys really do get the party started. Contact details can be found here.
Servicing: NSW

Tillee Music
Tillee Music is a collective of bloody brilliant musicians. Focusing on simple, quality and soulful tunes, these guys make selecting tunes simple. Curating unique playlists for your big day, whatever duo you select from Tilllee Music, silky vocals are assured. Hop on over to their site here for a bunch of stunning samples. You will likely be leaving with a booking! You can also catch real weddings they have been a part of here.
Servicing: NSW, VIC & QLD

Ben Fox Band
Ben is here to make your wedding day a cruise fest and we love his easy-going and bespoke approach. All-round top bloke, Ben is keen to learn songs for your big day, take requests at the event and just make sure you have the best day of your life. You can even nab Ben for your whole day as his versatile approach means you can opt for acoustic tunes for the ceremony and super sweet DJ skills for your d-floor. Ben can also organise a trio, quartet and pretty much whatever ensemble you are feeling. Heck, he is such an all-round fab guy that he will even MC your wedding. Get on it. Your ears can enjoy his tunes right here.
Servicing: NSW

Jake & Andy
Jake & Andy are men of many talents. Based on the mid-North Coast, these two deadset legends offer a tailored approach to wedding entertainment. The duo promise to knock your socks off with acoustic rhythms for your ceremony and transform into some serious party people come the reception. With a vocal mix ranging from gritty to soulful, there is nothing these two lads can’t do. In possession of a “couple of sexy electric weapons” they promise to do good things to your dance floor.
Servicing: NSW

Melbourne Entertainment Co.
Um, hello there curated entertainment gods. These guys are passionate about delivering bespoke wedding entertainment and we love em’ for it. Keen to sort you out for your ceremony through to your d floor, the options are pretty darn impressive. With their signature friendliness and reliability, Melbourne Entrainment Company have DJs, duos, sax players, pianists, harpists and even Mariachi on offer. We recommend clicking here to sample the goods.
Servicing: VIC

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