Not really jazzed on the idea of a cookie-cutter wedding Nicola and Nick chose to go their own way, tossing aside tradition and making up the rules as they went.

£We were both a bit thrown by the idea of having to fit a particular image of bride and groom, but when we realised we could do whatever we wanted with it, the whole thing became much more exciting,” says Nicola. £We threw out the idea of bouquet tossing, garters and an aisle, and added in a lot more Drake and Kanye West (than perhaps my grandmother was expecting).—

Keen to keep things simple (and stay relatively inside their budget) they opted to seal the deal at a local registry with their closest friends and family followed by a reception dinner (turn dance party) at The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney’s Inner East.

£We looked at a few venues beforehand? but in the end The Grounds of Alexandria suited us best. It’s a beautiful setting? plus our mantra for the whole wedding was to remain calm and enjoy the party  having all of the vendors rolled into one (decorations, catering, drinks and cake) took all the stress out of pulling it all together.—

With Nicola’s mum volunteering to make marmalade for their wedding favours and The Grounds resident florist Florals By Silva already on board, the only other thing to organise was a photographer.

£Picking Scott Surplice as our photographer was probably one of the best decisions we made  you definitely need to gel really well with the person who’s capturing the whole thing, and he was completely on our wavelength. He was also an expert family and bridesmaid wrangler, which you need sometimes!— says Nicola whose Rue De Seine ensemble from The Bridal Atelier suited the vibe of their day perfectly.

£The whole night had a real vibe of decadence about it, which is very us. After dinner, we had a little fire pit set up outside for s’mores, plus hot chocolates and cinnamon doughnuts. Later in the evening, the boys (and girls) busted out some cigars and whisky which was super fun? Did I mention we binge watched the Sopranos in the lead up to the wedding?— Where else would you look to for inspiration, other than Hello May of course!

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