High school sweethearts, first seen in Issue 10, Nat and Farhad never once seemed stressed when it came to planning their day of good times held at Libertine Bar and Eatery in Auckland, New Zealand. £It was all pretty smooth sailing, so easy and fun to plan!— says Nat whose approach was simple: £Just be yourself and do whatever makes you happy!—

Wanting to transform their industrial, inner-city space into something truly special they hired Claire from One Lovely Day who, gifted with an over-active imagination, arranged almost everything including their festoon lights and flowers. £She created a space you can only dream of? The tables, the hanging florals, the fruit and moss on the tables – just perfect!—

A graphic designer, Nat naturally took care of all the invites, menus, table settings and vinyl graphics. £The stationery was designed with the venue in mind and it reflected the industrial style yet still felt soft and elegant. The use of gold foiling and high quality print finishes meant it still felt luxurious and beautiful.—

That was as far as their DIY efforts went (apart from sneaking lots of ivy and rosemary from the neighbours yards the night before) which gave Nat time to find her perfect dress (not that it took long).

£I had always admired Rue De Seine? It was the one and only place I tried on dresses and bought this dress, the Marais dress, on my first visit! I loved that it wasn’t fitted and hung like a cape at the back. I also loved how it was slightly shorter at the front and showed off my amazing shoes. It was so much fun to wear and I felt amazing in it. It really worked well with the whole style of our wedding.—

Captured by A Couple of Night Owls, these two had spent 13 years together and it was definitely an event that properly celebrated their union. £We didn’t want the day to end, it was such a great party and everyone was having such a good time on the dance floor – it was hard to get everyone out the door… even at 3am.”

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CREDITS Photos A Couple Of Night Owls // Bridal gown Rue de Seine // Lingerie Bendon // Shoes Yves Saint Laurent // Accessories Zoe & Morgan // Hair and makeup Simmy & Ness // Rings The Village Goldsmith and Naveya & Sloane // Bridesmaid dresses Juliette Hogan // Bridesmaid shoes Chaos & Harmony // Bridesmaid gifts Meadowlark Jewellery // Suit, tie and groomsmen gifts Crane Brothers // Cufflinks Alfred Dunhill // Shoes Paul Smith // Socks Country Road // Watch Rolex // Barber / grooming Triumph & Disaster // Groomsmen suits Ted Baker // Event planner / Stylist and florist One Lovely Day // Stationery Natalie Moinfar (bride) // Printer Wickliffe Solutions // Ceremony, reception and catering Libertine Bar & Eatery, NZ // Decorative elements Neon Fabrications and Father Rabbit // Wedding favours Boutique Print // Prop and furniture hire Events Auckland and Hire Plants // Lighting hire La Lumiere // Entertainment Hugh McCarroll and NZDJ // Celebrant Ria Vandervis.