Getting married just 14 months after their engagement, Lyndal and Luke used their time wisely to create one heck of a day. Inspired by the bride’s love for carousels, the pair opted for a “country flair flavour” with a bit of 1930’s vintage glamour.

“We just kept the ‘Country Fair’ part a secret until we arrived at the reception and it was revealed to our guests, who lost their minds. They just thought they were at a vintage garden party. The entire day was filled with live music, tap dancers, fire breathers, psychics etc. We wanted to create something totally unique and memorable!”

Captured by Dean Snushall Photography, Lyndal and Luke decided to get married on the groom’s parents’ property, decked out by styling/florist expert Clementine Posy and lights by Hello May fave Sammy & Lola.

Rocking a beautiful custom made wedding dress by Idora Bridal with accessories by Teeki X Love Marie, the day was full of good times (i.e. carnival rides), great snacks (fairy floss and cake galore!) and one super special furry friend. “Our ring bearer was our 5 month old Groodle puppy, Eskimo, who Luke gave me as my wedding gift.” So cute!

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CREDITS Photos Dean Snushall Photography // Bridal gown and veil Idora Bridal // Hair piece, garter and belt Teeki X Love Marie // Robes / getting read tees Enrobe // Lingerie Bras n Things // Bride and bridesmaids shoes Direct Shoe Warehouse // Hair Sheryl Ann Macfarlane // Makeup Nicole Mammone // Rings Gattea // Bridesmaid dresses Events and Mr K // Bridesmaid gifts MOR Boutique and Willow Tree // Groom and groomsmen suits Today’s Man Menswear // Tie / Bow tie MS Menswear // Shoes Ted Baker // Watch Tag Heuer // Groomsmen gifts The Daily Edited // Flower girls Lynda Houbert and Target // Pet accessories Tutu by Lynda Houbert // Event planner / Stylist, florist and signage Clementine Posy // Stationery and wedding favours You’re Invited By Kaity // Ceremony and reception Private property, NSW //Food trucks and carts Little Gracey and Frank and Blanco // Cake All Things Sweet By Carissa // Other desserts Diego’s Donuts and Cupcakes in Camden // Cake topper Communicake It // Decorative elements Balloon Expressions // Wedding favours I Love Lollipops, Merlino Trading and Carnival Catering // Prop and furniture hire O’Neill Shows, Fresh Creative Styling, Elegant Tea Time, Vintage Patina and Camden Hire // Lighting / sound hire Sammy and Lola // Signage First Option Printing // Entertainment Luke Koteras (groom), Chris Sebastian, Lauren Azar, Van Sereno, Michael Duchsne, Byron Mark, Rosie Henshaw, Cameo Creation, Christine Rose Psychic and and Lupas Hoop Pit // Photo Booth Funky Fiesta Entertainment // Celebrant Peter Norman // Transport The Cadillac Man // Cinematographer Luko Media.