No one captures love quite like Lara Hotz, a photographer whose style you might recognise from other Hello May weddings such as this one. “The most important item to me for our day was photos”, says Lauren, who had spotted Lara’s work long before she had a reason to hire her. “Lara has a special style, she doesn’t have the cookie cutter look… you can see the emotion and the love”, says Lauren, who also invited Light Noise Films along to Belgenny Farm to document their day.

Only an hour out of Sydney, it was the perfect place for Lauren and Emily to express their love for each other and all things vintage. “The location and the vintage style of the wedding is reflective of our personal style. We love to make things in our spare time and love finding old treasures and giving them a new style”, says Emily.

There to lead their special ceremony was celebrant Elizabeth Trevan, a lady who is vibrant and truly passionate about what she does. Lauren tells us, “For the ceremony the reading of the vows was our favourite. We both had kept these secret so this was the first time we heard them. It was wonderful to look into each other’s eyes and read from the heart”.

As they exchanged lifelong promises, they were also able to admire the work of Sydney-based hair and makeup artist Niki Simpson – another woman whose work is impeccable. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever seen shades of lipstick as perfect as the ones this lovely couple wore. Among all their friends and family and DIY decorations, Lauren and Emily’s beautiful, flawless faces were difficult to miss.

For them however, their favourite thing was a little harder to place. “For the whole day I can’t say what the best was”, says Lauren. But I think as a whole being able to share our love in front of family and friends was amazing. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives that are so supportive and it was great to have celebrated a day about us and our love!”

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CREDITS Photos Lara Hotz Photography // Videographer Light Noise Films // Hair and makeup Niki Simpson // Bridal gowns Aussie Brides // Celebrant Elizabeth Trevan // Hair piece Paige Jones // Shoes Betts, Forever New // Flowers Alison McGowan // Rings Steven James // Jewellery Thomas Sabo // Bridesmaid dress Mackenzie Mode // Groomsman suit and bow tie Marcs // Ceremony and reception venue Belgenny Farm // Styling Fresh Creative Styling, Your Event Solution // Music Press Club Band