When your goal is a ‘made-with-love’ wedding, having a family full of gifted DIY-ers is truly a blessing. “We’re so glad (and lucky, and grateful) to have had so much help from our friends and family. It made the day feel so very special, and made us feel really supported in our life together,” says Dani, who wanted a day that was bright, colourful and inclusive.

“To instil the vibe, we threw a barn-yard style picnic, with guests sharing baskets and hand-made picnic blankets.” Held at Glennifer Hall on the mid north coast of New South Wales, there were straw bales for seating, vintage yard games, fire pits and even a vintage tea station all on loan from Grace My Table.

“All of our vendors were truly amazing, but Ann from Grace My Table really went above and beyond. Her styling eye, incredible collection of vintage props, and love for what she does, really made our day special,” Dani explains, though as a graphic designer, she has quite the flair herself, creating all their stationery through her small business Neverland Studio as well as designing her dress which she had made in Bangkok.

When the epic day was over, Dani and Luke were left with exactly what they had hoped for: a wedding centred around the beauty of nature, the adventure of life, the love of family, the gift of friendship and the photography skills of Natalie McComas – leaving them with memories to last til they’re old and grey.

P.S If you loved Dani’s bridesmaids dresses by Free People be sure to check out their collection of wedding dresses, designed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most loved labels including Spell and the Gypsy Collective and Grace Loves Lace.

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CREDITS Photos Natalie McComas // Hair piece BabyBunheads via Etsy // Shoes Sandler // Accessories Swarovski // Rings The Sly Fox via Etsy // Bridesmaid dresses Free People // Tie / Bow tie Fergus & The Cat via Etsy // Shoes Batsanis // Socks Happy Socks // Groomsmen suits ASOS and The Iconic // Event planner / Stylist and prop hire Grace My Table // Stationery Neverland Studio // Ceremony and reception Gleniffer Hall, NSW // Food trucks Sugar Plum Cakes & Desserts // Keg Beer The Bellingen Brewing Company // Entertainment Yhan Leal and Monkey See, Monkey Do // Celebrant Alison Bartlett // Cinematographer Becomingjuliet.