Once upon a time we wished we were in the Goonies. Still do, really. And hell if we’re getting our wishes we really would like some of Digby & Iona’s fanciful handmade jewellery to be waiting amongst our loot of treasure please.

Their engagement and wedding bands have a heirloom feel that we just can’t help but love. A lot. So we know you’ll dig their latest collection, specifically the petite arrow band, hand made in Brooklyn and featuring a row of 9 black diamonds set into a gorgeous textured demi-pavĂ»? band.

So why, all of a sudden, has Aaron, the brains behind the Digby and Iona brand ventured down the engagement ring path? He explains “I’ve gotten a lot of custom wedding/engagement band jobs over the past few years and really love it. I started making jewellery with the aspiration of making heirloom pieces, so this is a natural step. (plus it’s super fun to get to play with diamonds!)” And his favourite part of the whole process? “Seeing an idea coming to fruition is really gratifying, and if it’s well received knowing other people share my strange sense of humor is always reassuring.”

To see more of this strange sense of humour he speaks of, check out his mens accessories, fit for a pirate or the bearded gent in your life!

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