Hi there, I’m Kat, Founder & Lead Stylist at Willow Sage Events.

Throughout my whole childhood, I remember being so fascinated with weddings. As a romantic at heart, I can still picture myself as a child imagining my wedding day… the flowers, the ceremony, and of course.. the man (haha!)

Although a creative, and weddings being such a point of passion and excitement for me from such a long age, I ended up pursuing a career in marketing. It took me until the passing of my father, around 5 years ago, that I decided that this life is only lived once, and it was up to me to make every minute count.

Suffice to say it was only a matter of time before I began playing with the concept of being a part of this amazing industry.

We’re now around a year in (yes – we’re still a baby business!) and we’ve evolved and changed so much in that time. Starting out specialising in wedding dress hire, Willow Sage Events has now transformed into a dedicated wedding styling business, not only creating the concept of the day with our clients, and planning all of those little details, but doing our own florals, stationery, signage and more.

Every day I wake up feeling so blessed to be able to do something that I love – and that my work doesn’t feel like work.

My days are now split between Willow Sage Events and spending time with my husband, Andrew, our 1-year-old daughter, Isabella, and our little pup, Lexi the Toy Cav… and I couldn’t imagine a better life.