Hi all, thanks so much for taking a quick look at my listing. Writing shameless self promos are my kryptonite so I’ll do my best to spare you the cringe. I’m Col, (cringe) a full time wedding photographer working and living on the Gold Coast. I’m not desperately seeking new travel frontiers, or building an empire, I’m quite simply addicted to what I do. Meeting and capturing loved-up couples from my community who are looking to visually record their day in a creative way is my thing.

However it hasn’t always been that way, it’s been a measured organic move from another visual occupation. Working directly with real people was the game changer and I’m now so honoured to work with amazing couples, creating and recording something of true lasting value.

I love an epic scene but I’m also about details and finding moments that might otherwise be missed during the fast pace of a wedding day. Striving for and hopefully putting lovers and guests at ease allowing vulnerable moments and stories to unfold. At the same time having the ability to provide creative direction when needed during other parts of the day.

If you are looking for a felt hat hipster (nothing against hats/beards) or a photographer with a bigger personality and entourage than your guest list, I may not be your man. Instead, if you like the look of my images and prefer a relaxed, personable approach you might have found a match…. I’d love to hear from you.