Hi all, thanks for taking a look at my listing. I’m Col, a full-time wedding photographer living and working on the Gold Coast.

Writing shameless self promos are not my thing, so I’ll do my best to spare you the cringe. Put simply, I’m addicted to what I do. My goal is to create imagery that authentically documents the story of people, connection and intimacy on a wedding day.

My approach on the day is relaxed – preferring to let things play out naturally. When it’s time to get creative (and it will) I’ll facilitate rather than direct – I want you to be you, together and in the moment.

I’m continually striving to put couples and their guests at ease which I believe allows for those vulnerable stories to unfold. I’m drawn to an epic scene but I’m also about the details. Looking to find moments that might otherwise be missed during the fast pace of a wedding day.

I feel honoured to have met and worked with so many amazing, loved-up couples capturing something of true lasting value.

If you’re a relaxed couple with a sense of adventure and you place value story telling with real human connection for your special day, then I’d love to hear from you.