Till espresso martinis. Till shooeys. Till the last bus back to town. Till kick ons. Till the end. TILL DEATH: Documenting love, people and parties since 2015, Perth to worldwide.

Capturing the whole gamut of the emotional acidtrip that is your wedding day, Till Death blends a documentary approach with stylistic editing to create films that are fun, rad and totally true to you.

I try not to focus on the “things” such as the dress, the shoes, the decorations… they’re trends. And I hate to break it to you, but in 20 years time they’re actually the things you’re probably gonna look back on and wish you could change. Instead I focus on the people. Because in 20 years time what you’ll want is to hear the sound of your grandad’s voice again, to remember the sexy comment your husband whispered in your ear when no one else was listening, and to laugh again at the banter and ridic jokes your mates were cracking all day.

No awkward poses, no cheesy love ballads, just real, raw moments that are full of life, colour, magic and sweaty-messy good times.

Don’t take my word for it, take Tanya &Jordan’s first words after watching their film: “HEART LITERALLY BURSTING!”

But don’t take Tanya & Jordan’s word for it, just watch the damn thing above.