Who said wedding videos had to be so damn boring? You’re planning your wedding to feel like you – the real you. With none of the fake formalities, no soppy love ballads, no satin seat covers, no fuss.

The day goes by so damn quick and when it’s done and dusted you’ll wanna relive every moment for as long as you can, but being the star of an epic cinematic production feels cheesy and fake.

I’m Mel aka Till Death, aka the videographer, documentarian and dancefloor-enthusiast, and here’s my commitment to you… I promise that:

✛ I won’t follow a cookie-cutter storyboard or shot list. I’ll follow your story as it unfolds to create a true documentary of your day.
✛ I won’t make you look soft and soppy if that’s not who you are. I’ll inject your awesome personalities throughout every frame.
✛ I won’t give you a montage of moving images set to cheesy music. I’ll weave the best moments and conversations into a meaningful story.