Foxtail Weddings are a great way to show your appreciation to your guest with a premium bottled cocktail personalised in exceptional foil press finish. All Foxtails are distilled, infused and aged at our distillery in Melbourne utilising all natural ingredients in the process.

We offer 5 Foxtails to choose from, Negroni, Espresso Sweet Martini, Coconut Pear Pine and Cranberry Peach each bottled in 110ml vintage glass bottle available to be personalised or with our standard Foxtails & Co brand.

Check our website below to try each of the Foxtails free!

Our story dates back to 1901 in a generational tale of boutique distilling. Bringing over 100 years of craftsmanship together, Three Foxes Distillery still works within the same family structure as it did many decades ago. Three Foxes has expanded upon our signature Aperitif’s, into Vodka, Gin, Triple Sec, as well as lines of liqueurs and cocktails, that use and adapt 100-year old recipes, infused with local ingredients, while still upholding our family traditions and standards.