I’m Esther, the owner and photographer at The Love Archives, a photo and video team. I came to Hello May for the same reason you did, because they’re the holy grail of quality vendors and curated inspiration and it’s my dream come true to be welcomed to their directory and put here, in front of you, my future dream couple.

Let’s see if we’re a good match, shall we? I’ll start..

My work is: Dreamy, natural and artistic. I am 50% total goober and 50% creative genius. My laugh will make you laugh which means no awkward moments, and I swear a bit too much but I reign it in, in front of the kids. I love adventure and surfing as much as I love cosy nights in with my partner and I feel super blessed to be able to work alongside my man in life and in business. I’m absolutely obsessed with weddings, photography and most of all people. I LOVE PEOPLE SO MUCH!

If you feel like you need someone there who can put everyone at ease, I am your girl. I’m your light wrangler, your crowd pleaser, your moment catcher, your go-to on the day and your new pal.

Now it’s your turn… Swing me an email, visit my Instagram, fill out the contact form, whatever feels good. I can’t wait to meet you.

Much love,

The Love Archives