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Oli Sansom Weddings

Oli Sansom Weddings

You: a couple of cheeky scallywags pretty into each other
Me: creative mad-scientist, recovering white-chino addict (evidence suppressed)

While you’ll receive images of all the glorious details and settings, i’m just as focused on an exclusive exposé of your uncle stealing the last cupcake, or your nephew navigating the subtle roller-coster of pensive emotions that is deep nasal-cavity exploration in the middle of your speeches.

Yes – Justin Beliebe it – i’m also there to generate blackmail leverage for future 18th birthdays. #holistic

This wedding thing has put me into some quite unique situations, like creeping on Bruce Springsteen in a Jersey house, to witnessing a couple being married on a lake (as in… all the guests were in canoes… on the lake… as you do) in Canada, but i’m just as at home in an intimate setting with homemade hotdogs in a backyard.

As with the wonderful variety I get to enjoy with all the loved-up humans I work with, so too will you get a great depth of variety in your images, and apart from some very vague recollection of some guy in a particularly well-ironed shirt, you’ll barely notice me.

Wears deodorant. Turns up on time.


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