My name is Ashleigh Newman, and Ode is the creative extension of a life long love of photography, people and our eclectic earth.

Over the years, I’ve channelled this dream to share the natural beauty of the world we live in, and it’s people, into a body of work that at it’s core, is raw, enchanting, beautiful and full of hope – all the elements that make up the celebration of marriage; a wedding.

Using a journalistic approach, I love incorporating the dream like qualities of our incredible earth and infusing your real relationship together, to create a collection of images that will really move you. With a focus on natural light, a little moodiness, the drama of the wind and elements + a little out of focus exposure; then combining it with the emotion you feel when you share some of your favourite stories, we’ll curate your images to be an honest, organic reflection of who you are as a couple.

I love being a part of such a monumental occasion and don’t take for granted all the little idiosyncrasies and moments that make your day particular to you. Hearing the stories of how you fell in love, where you’ve travelled and how you’ve struggled are imperative to drawing out the true character of your relationship, and bringing to mind memories that give your images life! I hope that when you see your collection of images, you’re reminded that this day is the beginning of something magical, full of possibilities.