You’ve done it! Well, kind of….

I’m assuming you and your partner’s matrimonial journey still lies ahead of you but whatever stage you’re at, you’ve taken that first step that culminates in what is possibly (and hopefully!) the most memorable day of your life. That’s why you don’t want to leave things to chance when it comes to drawing on those memories, days, months, years, or even decades from now.

When you look back on your wedding photos, it’s vital that the images captured on that day invoke the same feeling of love and togetherness that you felt on that day.

That’s where I come in!

My name’s Nick. I’ve been a professional photographer on the Mornington Peninsula for years now and I’m seriously passionate about what I do. While I keep things fun, light, and fluid on your special day without being obtrusive, you can guarantee that I’m adaptable to guests and conditions and constantly working behind the scenes (or even IN the scene!) to produce that next magical shot.

This process usually starts in advance because I like to do my homework. I want to know everything about you as a couple. We can grab a coffee (my shout!) and you tell me where/when/how you met but, more importantly, where you want to be married! I’ll be scouting your location once you’ve booked it and studying where and how to use the space to elicit the best possible shots for you and your guests.

So let’s chat, yeah? Tell me about you.