You guys are looking for a photographer… And I’m looking for you! You are planning a big party, with pretty dresses and delicious food. Good tunes and champagne… and I want to be there haha.

I’m all about being as relaxed and down to earth as I can. You guys have such an amazing journey, I want to make the photography as easy as possible. My aim is to shoot every little moment that happens, and spend way more time capturing than creating. All those little moments when you boys were playing basketball in the morning, the breakfast you could hardly eat because you were nervous, that deep breath dad takes before he opens the car door to take you down the aisle and that tie that moves from your neck to your forehead when Michael Jackson comes on. Those are the things that will make you smile 20 years from now, and that’s what I want to give you.

I won’t be grumpy or bossy or demanding or awkward or confused. I will be excited and professional and fun to be around and creative. You’ll be having the actual best time of your lives, I’ll be fitting in as one of your mates, having some good banter with the bridal party, taking some killer photos and won’t ever lose sight of whats most important to you both. So lets hang out!