Put all of your concerns about wedding films being cheesy or boring aside, because here at Lovely Day we’re a cheese and boredom free zone (unless we’re talking halloumi, then I’m in). My name is Suzie, I’m a Melbourne girl who loves riding her bike, patting all of the cats, and making the most rad wedding films around town (OK, maybe I’m biased, but my couples are so so darn rad, surely anything to do with them is also rad?).

I’m going to make your wedding day easy and fun, so I film in a fly-on-the-wall candid style. I won’t ask you to do weird random things, I don’t need to. All of the good stuff will happen regardless, I’ll just be there ready to capture you guys having the best day ever. If you want a lot of slow motion kissing you’re in the wrong place. I’m here for the real and raw moments. I want to fill your film with your friends and family laughing/crying/hugging/joking/dancing/jumping into the pool and OK maybe a teeny tiny bit of kissing but only because that’s what’s going on because you’re so damn in love.

I really do get to work with the most amazing people, and they all seem to think that I’m pretty nice to have around. So make a cup of tea or pour a vino, fry up the halloumi and watch a few films. Let’s make some awesome wedding videos together.