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Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

I’m a photographer & lover of words. The core of my work is centred around creating imagery that contributes to the legacy of who you are & what you did with your time on this crazy place called Earth. Dappled light & dancing shadows are my love language. Time has shown me that what I stand for in both business & life are firmly intertwined – serving people & telling truth.

My mum and dad got married on Friday 13th October 1972. In a cool turn of events, it became a double wedding of 2 sisters from one family marrying 2 brothers from another. I have retold that awesome story & looked at their wedding album over, over and over again since. And that was before they both passed away. These photos (as well as the boxes of family photos I am eternally grateful for) have become so much more than pretty photographs in an album. They are the history that came before me, the love story of my mum and dad. The boxes of photographs are the memory triggers of the beautiful & wonderous life I’ve lived before now.

I guess what I’m trying to describe is how they make me feel and how important they are. Photographs matter. Deeply matter. Maybe you don’t think they are worth it now but I promise you with my whole heart those after you will think they are. Invest in your visual legacy, you won’t be sorry. P.S. have passport, will travel. Oh, and my name is Miriam 🙂

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