I’m so glad you found me! I’m all about capturing real moments and fun times!

A little about myself… Smiley by nature, I’m an outgoing, laid back and a [very] tall photographer (yep I can offer a great skinny angle haha). Born and raised in sticks, I now live in Newcastle NSW and freakin love it. Other things I love… Brunch, snuggles, art, drinking with mates and sunbaking at the beach.

I take a super candid approach to weddings. Who the heck wants fake memories from their wedding day? Definitely not me! On your big day my priority is to make sure you’re having fun and feel comfortable. It’s then, that I will get those authentic moments. The moments which make your heart skip a beat, that bring you back to that exact moment in time. I want to create art with you that you’re proud to hang on the wall.

I aim to get to know you two as a couple- are you super intimate & romantic, fun & wild, or shy and spontaneous? I love getting to know how each couple ticks and capturing those unique quirks which makes their love spesh.

No matter where you’re getting married, drop me a line… I’d absolutely love to talk more about your day!