Textural, modern, elegant, unique yet timeless are genes inside James and Irisa jewellery.

As partners in both life and art, Melbourne-based jewellery designers James and Irisa have launched this eponymous fine jewellery label in August 2016.

We aim to abstract our perceptions of basic elements and apply them to our designs in order to create unique yet timeless jewellery. We reinterpret classic designs in a different and more modern light.

Each and every gemstone used in our jewellery is ethically sourced, and diamonds are conflict-free. James, as a professionally trained gemmologist, hand-picked each and every gemstone used in our jewellery to make sure it meets the soul of our jewellery and its authenticity.

Every piece of James & Irisa jewellery is handcrafted in Melbourne. Down to every last texture or indentation within the pieces, the jewellery is hand-wrought to make sure each and every one of them has its own characteristic and charm.

We sincerely invite our customers to join the bespoke process from very beginning to create their unique and meaningful pieces of jewellery.